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Catering Supply


  • Breakfast
  • Flour, eggs, pasta and rice
  • Sauces, oils and vinegars
  • Conserved food
  • Cheeses and charcuterie
  • Canned meat and fish
  • Frozen meat and fish
  • Fresh meat (by order)
  • Products for baking and ice-cream makers
  • Products for hotels and catering
  • Soft drinks, liquors, vines, sparkling wines, spirits
  • Products for cleaning and hygiene
  • Bonnee Sweet Gastronomy Sicil Ice
  • Maestro Gourmet Sour Gastronomy Sicil Ice

Experience and Quality

Sicil Ice count over 30 years of experience in delivered supply for restaurants and hotels of food and non-food products all over East Sicily and Eolie Islands. Restaurants, hotels, banqueting halls, bars, they all find in Sicil Ice a reliable partner with a vast choice of products.

We guarantee fresh products of high quality, safely and accurately selected from our suppliers before distributing: as result we can offer a huge selection of the best brand products in the market (food and non-food) along with our frozen Sicilian gastronomic specialties (sweet or sour). Deliveries are accurately programmed and scheduled in order offer a reliable and punctual service.

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