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Frozen gastronomy

Maestro Gourmet: sour frozen gastronomy

Maestro Gourmet Line, revisit the typical Sicilian "tavola calda", made of excellent oven baked products prepared with mix of flour, water rising, filled with genuine ingredients.

Talk about Sicilian cuisine means face a journey into the island history and all diverse cultures that characterize it. Civilizations that have left a gastronomic heritage brought forward for centuries.

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Bonnče: sweet frozen gastronomy

Our chefs matured experience and ability along with the modern technologies we use, allowed Sicil Ice to obtain from high quality raw materials real master pieces of patisserie.

Bonnče Line take an hint from ancient Sicilian patisserie tradition highly influenced by the numerous cultures that have colonized and populated Sicily. Cassata is the peak product, the most representative. Its name is originated from the Arabic word "quas'at" Which means sauce pan, due to the circular shape that usually takes during its preparation.

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